Preemies Might Be Harmed By Plastic Used To Treat Them


Preemies Might Be Harmed By Plastic Used To Treat Them VIDEO.

A study by Johns Hopkins hospital found that pre-mature babies who need to live in an almost ‘fully plastic’ environment might be causing some serious harm. DHEP is the chemical found in the hospital care items used to keep pre-term babies alive, this is the same chemical that is banned in children’s toys, but not in hospitals– where we are supposed to feel safe.

DEHP is used to increase the flexibility of some plastic devices, and researchers found it in hospitals’ tubing, catheters, and fluid and blood product bags. Researchers said the infants’ greatest exposure came from the tubes placed in the babies’ airways for breathing support.

So what do to?

Here’s what the FDA has to say about it: 

Health care without Harm has this to say:

Plus some things you can use instead.

DHEP Mommy strength fight for baby health

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