A Child’s ‘Weird’ Eating Habits


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So for the first time my daughter Spencer is out of the high chair and experiencing her food on her terms.

We were visiting my dad’s and step mom’s condo in Panama City Beach, Florida. She wasn’t a fan of the beach:

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To adults and children her pattern above might seem a little weird. Grab some food off the plate go out on the balcony sit on the floor and eat it. Come back in, grab some more then go back out and sit up in the recliner chair and eat some more. She repeated this until it was about 90% gone.

We are all set in our ways of doing things. She loves the food: keto fat bomb pancakes (recipe is here), roast beef and blueberries. And it appears she loves being outside with nature (every morning when we are home and she wakes up I open the shades and say ‘nature lights’ and we look and admire the forrest, trees, leaves, rain, snow, whatever is outside that day for a few moments.)

We all want to make things easy for ourselves, but sometimes we miss the fact that NOW is where life happens. My child, your child is not a little you. Let them discover their path. You can guide them but in the end it’s their life!

children are their own selves

Preemies Might Be Harmed By Plastic Used To Treat Them

Preemies Might Be Harmed By Plastic Used To Treat Them VIDEO.

A study by Johns Hopkins hospital found that pre-mature babies who need to live in an almost ‘fully plastic’ environment might be causing some serious harm. DHEP is the chemical found in the hospital care items used to keep pre-term babies alive, this is the same chemical that is banned in children’s toys, but not in hospitals– where we are supposed to feel safe.

DEHP is used to increase the flexibility of some plastic devices, and researchers found it in hospitals’ tubing, catheters, and fluid and blood product bags. Researchers said the infants’ greatest exposure came from the tubes placed in the babies’ airways for breathing support.

So what do to?

Here’s what the FDA has to say about it: 

Health care without Harm has this to say:

Plus some things you can use instead.

DHEP Mommy strength fight for baby health

Original post from newsy.com can be found here. 

The Hormones of Pregnancy- hCG

So your pregnant, huh?

Well, things are about to change in a big way. Especially if this is your first child. But today I want to talk about why things change so dramatically and particularly in regards to hormones.

Is it true that you can blame every emotional change, bloat and blemish and then some on these little suckers?

YES it is!

First off– What is a hormone? By definition it is a regulatory substance produced in an organism and transported in tissue fluids such as blood or sap to stimulate specific cells or tissues into action.

We as humans all have hormones and use them on a daily basis, some more then others, some for just women, some for just men, some during certain times of our life, etc……..

You’ve probably heard of the insulin, estrogen and testosterone, right? Those are some of the more common hormones.

The hormone I want to talk about today is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). This will be the first part in a series of female pregnancy hormones.

Now this hormone showed up the moment you saw that little plus sign on that stick (actually a few days after the baby was conceived).It pumps out more estrogen and progesterone. Now this isn’t a scientific article so I’m not going to bore you with everything it does. The one thing you will (or probably) have already experienced is morning sickness.

Morning sickness- Blame hCG!

hCG increases quite rapidly during the first few months of pregnancy, that’s why a lot of mother’s to be feel those qualities of uneasiness, whether it is in the morning, afternoon or at night.

Most women’s levels of morning sickness start to decrease or subside altogether starting in the second trimester. Which is also the time when hCG starts to level off. hCG will reach it’s peak around 8-11 weeks. Your placenta starts taking over the production of the estrogen and progesterone around the start of trimester two.

Other issues with hCG— Peeing all the time and catching colds and the flu at the drop of a hat.

hCG depresses the immune system, much like sugar does, leaving you open to more colds and sickness. But know that the suppression in your immune system is actually increasing the protection of the fetus so it is a good thing in this case. But being sick anytime sucks :)

Now as a certified Perinatal fitness instructor I need to talk about the importance of exercise during pregnancy. It’s super important. You should be engaged in a physical regimen at all times, especially before, during and after pregnancy. Making it a habit and finding something that you like to do is critical to form good exercise habits. It’s going to make the pregnancy and delivery go a lot easier. Plus you will be able to return to your pre-pregnancy body a lot quicker.

Now when you first get pregnant and that hCG hormone kicks on and you feel like crap— doesn’t matter if it is in the morning, afternoon, or at night—- you need to work around it. Consistency with anything helps to form a habit. Working out is a good habit to get into. Many women have found that consistent workouts helps reduce the symptoms of Morning Sickness. So whether you are able to workout for just 5:00 that day— do that. If you can get 30:00 in— do that.

You want a combination of strength and conditioning (cardio). Strength training is going to help you the most. Pay particular attention to exercises that work your core (low back, abs, obliques, hips, butt). The additional weight you’ll be adding these areas are the ones that need to be strong to support you and hold your posture.

If nothing else, be sure to get a good brisk walk in everyday.

For a good whole body workout just using a resistance band and your own body check out this quick 14:00 workout below:

40/20 x 6 (exercise as hard as you can for :40, rest :20, move to next exercise)

  1. Band Chest Press
  2. Band Seated rows
  3. Pushup Bridge/Plank
  4. Stability Ball Squats
  5. High knee run/march
  6. Russian Twists

Rest 2:00, then repeat one more time.

With warm-up you’re looking at about 20:00 of your time.

And remember this time well spent. You need to be the strongest you can be physically, mentally, emotionally, and nutritionally in order to give the absolute best to your child. Set the example of good health, while your baby is still inside of you, and then continue the tradition once it’s born.

No excuses! hCG can be damned!


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C-Section Never Again

C-section no more, mommy strength workouts for moms

The birth of a child is a miracle. It truly is.

I wouldn’t be here if it didn’t happen and neither would you. Or anyone for that matter. Or any other species.

When a child is brought into this world they have the potential ability to change the world–either positively or negatively. How s/he is raised by their parents or guardians, the environment, things they’re exposed to and such will shape their future– as well as a lot of other things. Life is never that simple.

It is precious. Some women can’t give birth, or can’t get pregnant, no matter how much they try or how much they spend.

So if you are pregnant now, or have already given birth, take a time out right now to say your blessings and give gratitude.

The Caesarean section is performed when a vaginal delivery would put either the baby or the mother’s life or health at risk. It is quite common, in the United States about 33% of all births, China about 46%.

Which leads me into the point of this post—-the C-Section. If giving birth is a miracle and such a blessing then why still call it a C-Section?

It states that a C-section or Caesarean is a surgical procedure to help deliver the baby.

Much like getting your tonsils removed or having a tumor removed, or getting a nose job.

No thank you!

You gave birth! A life is in this world now!

There is no other surgical procedure that can do such a thing. NOTHING!

And it’s not like everybody can do it. Like I said before some women will never give birth, either by choice or because they simply can’t do it. I can’t do it (not that I would want to—- I am a man :-)

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This is your thing ladies. It’s not like any other surgical procedure or anything else you do in life. You went through 9 months carrying this baby inside of you only to have a ‘surgical procedure’ to remove it. Your body did all kinds of weird things to you, changed shape, put weight on, made you crave some weird stuff……. and on and on……….

You need to take a stand and start calling this miracle of birth a new name, something that it deserves. Not acting like a red-headed step child of a vaginal birth.

From now on, it’s a C-Birth!

Caesarean Birth.

Or simply– Miracle

For more online articles, tips and the first and only online workout community for moms check out Mommy Strength

workout online with other moms

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